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    Kaone Kario by Robert Grischek

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    @TyraBanks: “Britney Fierce @britneyspears @phvegas”

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    Nicolas Simoes by Brice Hardelin 

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    I’m not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy, I’m definitely an individual.

    he didn’t even mention how attractive he was

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    These are just a few of my favorite cookie recipes but there’s tons of other healthy cookie makeovers here. :)

    Living a healthy lifestyle is about moderation, balancing a mostly healthy meal plan with occasional snacks and treats. With these healthy recipes you can enjoy a cookie or two (or even 3!) with a glass of milk and still feel good about your nutritional choices. Keep in mind, no one cookie, cupcake or one anything is going to “ruin” your progress but if you want a healthier dessert you can have daily, these are a great option!

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    Woah where is this from??

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    I will keep this post up for a month and everytime somebody reblogs this photo I will donate 10 cents to World Vision to aid people who are living in poverty stricken nations

    After I’ve donated the money I will post some “proof of donation” so you know it isn’t a scam. I just want to see how much people care



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